Distance learning

Distance learning



Supported by the European social fund, Vilnius Ozas Secondary School is realizing two important projects: "The distance learning/teaching course for the students of the X-XII forms" and "The distance learning/teaching course for the students of the VIII-IX forms".

The aim of the projects is to create an attractive learning environment, help people acquire secondary education, introduce new learning/teaching methods, develop distance learning/teaching system in Lithuania.

The system of distance learning/teaching is being created and improved in a secondary school for the reason to return the "fall-out" students to school, stimulate children and adults who haven't got the general certificate of the secondary education, to come back to school.

Vilnius Ozas Secondary School has been providing the method of the distance learning/teaching for three years. We have created the teaching material of the distance learning for the students of X-XII forms and we have a well equipped computer class. At the moment more than a hundred students are studying using the method of the distance learning. In the school year 2006-2007 our school created the VIII-IX forms of distance learning. More and more candidates are applying to study this way.

We are preparing the new material for all subjects for the students of VIII-IX forms, which consists of the theory, practice and creative tasks and tests. All the subjects of these forms will be placed on the internet (WebCT) in which the students will work, communicate by e-mail, have discussions and video conferences and lectures will be organized for them.

The created system of the distance learning/teaching at school will guarantee the people of any age the possibility to study at their suitable time and conditions.

The place of the project is geographically unlimited: the course is available everywhere, where there is the internet.


More information:

The Principal of Vilnius Ozas Gymnasium,

Albinas Daubaras,

tel.: +370 5 2400786

e-mail address: ozomokykla@delfi.lt

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